středa 8. února 2012


Než napadl sníh, vypadaly vřesy na skalce takhle půvabně. Starosvětsky, starorůžově.

Vřes na skalce, 5. 2. 2012

A dnes ve sněhu vřes vypadá snad ještě půvabněji, 8. 2. 2012.

3 komentáře:

  1. The art work you mentioned is charming. I also was amazed by the pictures of heavy frost by the water. I loved the picture of all of those snowmen. I noticed many of them had a bucket on their head. Your heather is beautiful. I've never grown that. Does it always bloom now?

  2. Sometimes when Google translates my comments they come out very strange.

  3. Heather (Calluna vulgaris) flowers in late summer and autumn. The flowers remain on the plant until spring.

    Czech Snowman has an old pot (its head), piece of coal = eyes, carrot =nose, mouth = coal, and coal are also knobs. Snowman has a broom in his hand.

    I love Google translator, it is better than comedy on television :-)